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Hey, I'm CaptainDuck A PHP Developer A Web Developer A System Administrator

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About Me.

I'm serious about things and I'm lazy (not really these days), I'm a PHP and HTML Programmer, I code PMMP (MCPE) Plugins and make websites. I like to watch anime, and I used to like to go to school and used to aim to be the top student, but it just sucks either way. 14-year-old filipina.


My Story.

All of this started with my bright & cheerful childhood, me & my brother always used to play Minecraft: PE with our neighborhood friends, we had spent and had lots of fun time together playing MC:PE and pretty much now that time passes by, we've moved on with our lives. After that, I've taken an interest in Minecraft: PE servers, I didn't have a PC during those days so it's the only version I could have lol. Having your own server, being the boss and doing whatever you want with it, such imagination of mine when I was about 11 or 12 years old :). After such research, I've finally created a server, it wasn't easy by myself but I aspire to achieve it. Having a server was of course, awesome. Reached my dreams :), made so many fun memories with many new people, I also created my own YouTube channel at that time :). Then I took an interest in creating my own plugins for the server (I know, I'm very curious about how everything works), it was not easy but I never gave up, and then there was school and life, I've had to shut down the server and then had to forget my friends from the server for good because of time. Well, here I am now, I've learned system administration and now I own (again) a MC:PE server, thanks for taking your time upon reading this. <3

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